Dropbox Updates Adding Screenshots Saving Automatically


If you use Dropbox you would already know how convenient is it to transfer and store stuff between your smartphone and your computer. As the company today announced a new update which will automatically save the screenshots you will take on your computer.

Dropbox has previously announced products that automatically upload images took on the phone, and uploaded from cameras on your computers. Now, one can take a snapshot which will not only be saved automatically but it will also create a link for that particular image and will copy it to the clipboard so that it can be shared on the spot.

The company also announced an added bonus for the Mac users, the update also includes a importer that copies all the photos from iPhoto directly to the Dropbox.


RIP: Every Product Ever Axed By Google



On Monday, Google will pull the plug on Google Reader, despite much general online despair about the death of the most popular RSS reader.

While this is definitely the most popular tool Google has put on ice, it’s certainly not the first. The company is known for dabbling in all sorts of products, and dropping the ones it didn’t feel were well-supported.

So if you were ever a fan of Google Wave, Google Labs or maybe even Google Buzz, you’re probably a little nostalgic for the services of Google’s past.

If you want to take the trip down memory lane, check out the infographic below, courtesy of Wordstream.

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Google set to launch HTML5 development tool with ad integration in coming months


That little ol’ company down in Mountain View is cooking up a new HTML5 design tool, according to a recent blog post by the Google’s advertising arm, DoubleClick. Simply dubbed Google Web Designer, it’s ostensibly designed for creative professionals to create “engaging web content” and is integrated with DoubleClick Studio and AdMob right out of the gate. Its advertising roots aside however, it looks like anyone with the proper knowhow could use it to create a web page, similar to the much-neglected Google Sites. Of course, we won’t know much more about the tool until it launches, which is said to be “in the coming months.