Apple may launch a cheaper iPhone


It is rumored that Apple plans to release a lower cost iPhone that will sell for 99 dollars. The next version of the software for the iPhone will be incredibly different than past versions. The company is reportedly looking at iPhones with bigger screens and will be releasing the low cost phone in a range of colors as soon as this year, the ABC News reports.

According to the report, Apple declined to comment on the rumors, but CEO Tim Cook addressed the question of larger screens last month at the All Things D conference.

Cook also said the iPhone doesn’t have a larger screen right now for a few reasons.

He said that a large screen today comes with a lot of tradeoffs, adding that people do look at the size, but they also look at things like if the photos show the proper color, the white balance, reflectivity, battery life, brightness, the longevity of the display.

The phone is made of a plastic casing and will come in five or six different colors. The more affordable iPhone is bound to cheer-up the company’s massive fan following and boost sales.

Besides releasing a cheaper model of the phone, Apple will release the iPhone 5S later this year.


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