Additional Shots Of The Nokia EOS Surface Online


 Nokia currently has three versions of its Windows Phone flagship, in the form of the Lumia 928, the thin and light aluminium-bodied Lumia 925, and the original Lumia 920. But as we’ve known for some time, a new range-topper is set to join the company’s line-up soon, Nokia’s 41-megapixel ‘EOS’ device.

After yesterday, not one, but two sources bubbled up photos today of a Nokia Windows phone that could be the handset-maker’s next flagship, the Nokia EOS.

Known as the Nokia EOS, photos from a GSM Arena tipster and from a new Twitter user going by ViziLeaks (via WPCentral) both show a similar squared-off shape and tall dimensions.

As you can see from the photo,the device features a large camera lens on the back, with what looks like a massive flash for a smartphone and also a focus assist light, this could possibly be a prototype of the device, as the ‘XX Mega Pixel’ shows that this is not the final version of the device.

Much of the EOS’ design echoes what we’ve seen before on the Lumia 920, so it has a fully polycarbonate bodyshell and it’s quite thick and chunky.

The Nokia EOS is reportedly only 1mm thinner than the Lumia 920, which was widely criticised for its weight and bulk, so it’ll be interesting to see how consumers react.

It will apparently feature a 4.5-inch 1280×768 pixel AMOLED display, like the Lumia 928, along with wireless charging support and a full-sized Xenon flash.

While these images, like yesterday’s, are also unconfirmed – originating from anonymous or unverified sources – the fact that multiple sources have revealed what appears to be the same device would seem to confirm that this is indeed Nokia’s new flagship Windows Phone.


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