Cool Tips and Trick to know about your SAMSUNG GALAXY S4

Cool Tips and Trick to know about your SAMSUNG GALAXY S4

While the world debates as to which is the better smartphone between the HTC One and the Samsung Galaxy S4, one area where the Samsung has managed to strengthen it’s hold is the User Interface. Hands down, the TouchWiz UI from Samsung is one of the best custom Android experience you can get on a smartphone.

With the Samsung Galaxy S3, the company introduced a new set of “Smart” features and one of the most notable of those features was “Smart Stay”, which kept the screen turned-on if a user was looking at it, irrespective of the screen settings.

This year, with the announcement of Samsung Galaxy S4, things only got better on the software front and the company introduced many new, interesting features for it’s TouchWiz user interface.

So, lets take a look at all the new features (and some old ones as well!) and see, how well they work on the Samsung Galaxy S4.

Smart Scroll and Smart Pause
First up is Smart Pause, which will pause a video when the phone detects that the user is no longer looking at the screen. Once the user turns his eyes to the screen again, the video starts playing automatically.

Using Smart Scroll, the Samsung Galaxy S4 will be able to scroll the content of the browser or emails by monitoring a user’s face looking at the screen as well as his or her wrist movement.

Air View
Well this isn’t exactly a new feature, as it was introduced in the Galaxy Note series, but what needed an S Pen in Galaxy Note 2, can be done with a finger on the Samsung Galaxy S4. Samsung has ported its Air View feature from the Galaxy Note series to the Galaxy S4, allowing users to preview the content of emails, photos and videos by hovering their finger over the display.

Air Gesture

Along with Air View, the Air Gesture functionality allows users to change a music track, scroll around a page or accept a call by waving their hands in front of the device’s display.

S Translator
Planning to travel abroad? Well, because if you are, you won’t face a language barrier, all thanks to S Translator, which covers 9 languages French, German, Italian, Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, etc. and supports text-to-speech and speech-to-text.

S Health

S Health turns your Samsung Galaxy S4 into a fitness tracker and utilizes the Galaxy S4′s sensors to monitor a user’s health. Moreover, it allows the smartphone to sync with third-party devices like blood pressure monitors, glucose meters, etc. over Bluetooth, to give you a detailed look at your health.

This is one feature that can come in quite handy, when used with the right accessories.

IR Remote
Out of all the features mentioned till now, the IR remote functionality is the one that you are bound to use most often. The Samsung Galaxy S4 gets an IR Blaster, which turns your smartphone into a remote control using which, you can control your TV, Set Top Box, Home Theater and what not!

This was a detailed look at all the new features from the Galaxy Samsung S4. So, do you like the new offering from Samsung? Are these new innovative features good enough to make you spend your money on the smartphone? Do let us know in the comments section!


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